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Total Shoulder Resurfacing

Total Shoulder Resurfacing

Total Shoulder Resurfacing

Shoulder Resurfacing

There are some cases like severe arthritis or fracture of upper arm bone with tissue death, in such cases Total Shoulder Replacement is recommended. Total Shoulder Replacement involves removal of the complete humeral head and insertion of a prosthesis in its place.

However, there are some cases where full replacement of the shoulder is not necessary. In certain cases of trauma, where part of the shoulder is broken, it may only be necessary to replace part of the humeral head. In such cases, Shoulder Resurfacing is recommended. It is ideal for those young patients who have active lifestyle and does not want to go through the concerns of durability of the implants used.

In Shoulder Resurfacing, part of the humeral head is preserved. The remaining damaged part is replaced with a hemispheric metallic head. This gives a new surface to the damaged part of the humeral bone, allowing most of the natural bone to remain intact.

Shoulder Resurfacing is off late used as an alternative to Total Shoulder Replacement, for patients who are young and have active lifestyles. It preserves rather than removes, the humeral head. It is also a less invasive option and provides faster recovery. There is less blood loss and less pain. Less hospital stay post-surgery and rehabilitation begins the same day.  Another advantage is, as limited amount of implanted material is used, infections, if it occurs can be dealt with more easily.

Patients with Shoulder Resurfacing usually stay in the hospital only for a day or two. Mild Physiotherapy begins the same day of surgery or the next day. Doctors advise to wear a sling generally for 6 weeks.

Shoulder Resurfacing has been developed in the last 25 years. The first Total Shoulder Resurfacing procedure was performed in 1958 by Dr Charles O Townley with a metal humeral component and a polyurethane glenoid. Subsequent shoulder resurfacing procedures were performed using small hip resurfacing prostheses.

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