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Common Reasons for Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of the body.  Be it lifting a bucket of water or reaching up into the cupboard, given the number of everyday activities it is involved in, shoulder pain is something that you get from time to time.  Our shoulder has the flexibility to turn in many directions.  But this advantage can be the very disadvantage that makes the shoulder prone to injuries and pain thereafter.  The reasons for shoulder pain can be from osteoarthritis, muscle tears, tendonitis etc.  In fact, there are are numerous possibilities due to the anatomy involved in allowing ...
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Types of Shoulder Surgery

Many common shoulder problems can be done away with surgery, especially those that are recalcitrant to conservative therapy.  Shoulder surgeries can be quite diverse from minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures, where a scope and surgical instruments are inserted through keyhole incisions in your shoulder, to more traditional open surgeries using scalpel and sutures.  Each approach is different and has its pros, cons, limitations and appropriate uses. Arthroscopy for impingement syndrome: Operation to treat the impingement syndrome accounts for one of the most common reasons of shoulder surgery.  This condition occurs when the tendons of your rotator cuff are trapped intermittently which ...
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Axillary Nerve Palsy and Shoulder Dislocation

Axillary nerve palsy is a condition marked by loss of movement or sensation in the shoulder area.  There are so many reasons for axillary nerve palsy, but the prominent one is shoulder dislocation.  Axillary nerve’s close proximity to the shoulder capsule puts it at risk for injury.  It is also known as axillary neuropathy and mononeuropathy as it is a problem with just one nerve.  Excessive stress or damage to the axillary nerve, which serves the deltoid muscles and skin of the shoulder, causes axillary nerve palsy.  Dysfunction of the axillary nerve can occur in the myelin sheath which provides ...
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Paralabral Cyst in the Shoulder

More often than not, paralabral cysts of the shoulder are an infrequent finding on MRI or MR Arthrogram. However, it is a significant diagnosis as they may cause a compression neuropathy of the suprascapular or axillary nerves depending on where they occur, along with a variety of other symptoms. About 2-4% of the general population is likely to have it and presentation may be common in males (especially around the third to fourth decades). On average, this cyst measures 10–20 mm in diameter and are located mainly on the posterosuperior aspect of the glenoid. These cysts may represent a synovial ...
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Same-Day Shoulder Surgeries

Same-day shoulder surgery refers to surgeries that needn’t require an overnight stay in hospital.  Majority of the arthroscopic surgeries and shoulder replacements in patients under the age of 70 can be same-day surgeries.  Same-day shoulder surgery is pondered on if you experience pain that is severe enough to limit your daily activities and the pain is not relieved with medications, injections, physical therapy or other conservative treatments.  The objective of the surgery is to get rid of the pain and to get back the alignment and function of the shoulder. Conservative approach towards shoulder surgeries is linked to patient being ...
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Shoulder-Hand Syndrome

Shoulder-Hand syndrome is a relatively common occurrence after stroke. Usually, the person has a stroke that leaves them paralyzed on one side. Recovery of the paralysis is subjective, varies between patients. Often the lower extremities recover quicker than the upper ones. For reasons unknown, some people are left with significant weakness in the hands that can be quite painful. When the pain is quite severe in the hand and the shoulder on the paralyzed side the condition is called shoulder-hand syndrome. Symptoms: • Shoulder Pain • Hand Pain • Numbness • Elbow Pain • Wrist Pain • Tingling • Burning ...
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