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Patient Story 1

Successful Sporting Injury Stories

Patient Story 1 – Labral tear recovery in a Professional Cricketer

Shoulder injuries is quite common in the cricketing sport both in bowlers and batsmen. The top contributor for this is perhaps the throwing volume and mechanical forces that are placed on the glenohumeral joint and associated soft tissue structures during overhead or throwing motions.

Ajay plays professional cricket and has been playing the sport for 13 years now since 2007. Recently he got a significant labral tear shoulder injury. This is in fact quite a common injury seen in cricketers caused due to the sudden backward and catching actions after periods of being static. But in Ajay’s case he continued to play the spot even with the injury and this led to tear getting more severe.

In the past 6 months the pain began to get intensified and he was especially unable to perform overhead and throwing actions. We performed the surgery to treat the labral injury and it was a success. Excellent results began to show within 8 weeks following a strict physical therapy schedule that included, advance training, dynamic sports training, stabilizer exercises along with strengthening exercises.

Usually, such progress is seen only by 12 weeks after a labral injury but Ajay was able to shadow play soon enough. His treatment plan has a very result-driven approach and that paid off. He will soon be back in the pitch and playing the sport that he loves.

Effective treatment and prevention strategies, physical therapy sessions that includes strengthening, balance training, optimized timing of biomechanical phases and events for each throwing movement and following recommended rest guidelines can help a great deal in the proper recovery and rehabilitation of shoulder injuries in cricketers.

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