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DAYS 1 – 7

control edema and inflammation: apply ice for 20 minutes two or three times a day.
Gentle hand , wrist , and elbow ROM exercises. exercises should be done in a pain free range.
Active shoulder ROM . lower trapezius setting.

weeks 2 – 4

remove sling
Advance ROM passive motion . passive motion should be continued and combined with active
assiasted motion with in the patient ‘s pain tolerance
Gentle strengthening exercises with active motion and submaximal isometrics.
The patient begins antigravity wrist flexion , extension, supination and pronation with out pain

weeks 5 – 7

Advance strengthening as tolerated to include weights or rubber tubing or thera band
ROM with contined emphasis on end range and passive over pressure.
Modified activities in preparation for begninig functional training
Progressive resistive exercises – strengthening wrist flexion , extension,
supination and pronation ulnar and redial deviation .
Pain free grip strenghening with putty or ball

Utilize counterforce brace during exercise if pain continues

WEEKS 8 – 12

Continue counterfoce braceing if needed
Begin task specific functional training
Return to sport or activities

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