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Common Sports Injuries in Cricketers

Common Sports Injuries in Cricketers

While injuries during a game of cricket is quite unpredictable for any of the players; bowlers and fielders are prone to injury risk when compared to the batters or wicket keepers. This is possibly because they do majority of the repetitive straining motion activities. There are some types of injuries that are most commonly seen among cricketers. Let’s look at a few of these types of sports injuries.

Lower Back Pain – The repetitive strain put on the lumbar region during games is the top culprit for such pain. The sharp whipping motion seen when fast bowlers fling the ball at superfast speeds make them more at risk for lower back pain. If the pain is not managed promptly then it can lead to a chronic condition making the cricketer unable to even play. There are in fact so many modern treatment options for back pain like injection of stem cells. Playing while ignoring the pain is only going to be detrimental for the sporting career in the long run.

Thrower’s Elbow – Also known as medial epicondylitis, thrower’s elbow occurs due to the constant and repetitive strain of throwing a cricket ball. This overuse injury is one that could develop over time and some signs to watch out for are pain on the inside of the arm, weak wrists, and weak elbows. The best possible remedy for thrower’s elbow is rest.

Rotator Cuff Injuries – The muscles of the rotator cuff are often regularly under strain during cricket. A high amount of strain falls on the shoulders especially for batters, bowlers and fielders. The signs could be restriction of movement, swelling and excruciating pain. Those recovering from rotator cuff injuries need ample rest and cold therapy. Depending on the severity of the injury it is always advisable to consult a sports therapist for a structured rehabilitation program. In the most severe cases, a surgery might be needed.

Hamstring Strains – Fielders are at the most risk for Hamstring related issues or injuries. The long periods of inactivity interspersed with sudden, or short but sharp sprints could be the major reason. There is a greater chance of muscle strain or ligament tear when the sprinting is quite sudden after some inactivity. The importance of warmups and stretching during inactivity cannot be stressed enough for preventing such injuries.

Abdominal Side Strain – This is something that bowlers are prone to. This type of injury can involve tears or stretches in muscles on the side of the body. This type of condition can be quite painful but rest and ice can easily pave the way for a quick recovery.

Medial meniscus tear – The C-shaped area of cartilage located at the top of the tibia bone in the lower leg is the medial meniscus. The function of this is to protect the knee joint from the stress of running, walking and bending. A torn medial meniscus is a common cricketing injury. This can happen gradually or with a sudden turn to run. With a medial meniscus tear there could be pain on the inside of the knee, discomfort when squatting or bending and also swelling in the area.

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