Technology has taken a massive step this time in advancing the field of Orthopedics. The latest in micro-invasive needle videoscopy is the superiorly versatile Nanoscope. This 1.9 mm scope just about the size of a pencil is no doubt a breakthrough for joint surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons can now treat you without the need for putting the patient to sleep as even the smallest anatomic defects and disruptions that cause so much pain and debility in patients can be effectively repaired using this scope.

Nanoscope in Orthopedics

The disposable, single use scope can prevent cross infection and can be used without a skin incision. The zero-degree Nanoscope is attached to a portable monitor that can help with procedures like a diagnostic arthroscopy under local anesthesia. The extreme small size of the Nanoscope is especially beneficial for usage in small joints as well. The Nanoscope can also allow the surgeons to diagnose problems and some such procedures can be done right in the doctor’s office.

Nanoscope that makes use of direct visualization technology will soon become the gold-standard for surgeons and interventional specialists making other currently used imaging, diagnostic and guidance systems or arthroscopic technology adjunct. The high-resolution video camera inside a Nanoscope can quite safely and effortlessly explore a joint condition in an office setting. The portable Nanoscope system can allow the surgeon to perform minimally invasive arthroscopy during preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of care.

The Nanoscope is bound to usher in a new era for Arthroscopic procedures making the diagnosis and treatment of many orthopedic conditions much faster and less invasive for Orthopedic doctors, pain management doctors and in the sports medicine world too. The next-generation Nanoscope and accessory microtools will thus lead the way for Microinvasive Percutaneous Surgical Revolution. Even family doctors with some additional training can make use of the Nanoscope for the direct visualization and instrumentation of a joint.

The Nanoscope can become the new Arthroscope that is much smaller, disposable, and much less invasive. It will also be safer, with a fraction of the risk of infection and possibly a whole lot cheaper. When using the Nanoscope, the patient is engaged as they will be able to see the screen with the surgeon while the procedure is being done or even after the completion of the procedure to best understand and treat their condition. The minimally invasive patient experience and access to joint spaces makes this a tool of choice for instant diagnostic imaging and less invasive arthroscopy procedures. Patients will also be more at ease without having the need for going to the operating room or for general anesthesia. The recovery in this case would also be quicker when compared to traditional methods.

In the field of Regenerative Orthopedics, the Nanoscope will optimize the effectiveness of stem cell/PRP treatments since as it helps with the direct visualization and precise placement of the biologic agents at the exact site of anatomic disruption. The NanoScope will become an indispensable tool to many types of medical specialists and with numerous applications.


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