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Importance of Sports Nutrition

Importance of Sports Nutrition

In the athletic population, sports nutrition play a key role along with training. The food that you consume not only help with the nutrition requirements but also help enhance your performance. It not only about the kind of food you eat throughout the day, but also the timings which can have an impact on the performance levels and your body’s recovery after training.

Adequate sports nutrition can impact an athlete’s

  • Strength
  • Training
  • Performance
  • Recovery

Pre workout and post workout are necessary and form an integral part of performance enhancement. As a general thumb rule a high carbohydrate, moderate protein and low fat meals should be consumed 2 hrs before training. Carbohydrates are the main energy givers and protein acts to repair muscle and help in muscle growth. Post workout replacing lost electrolytes along with carbohydrates and protein is necessary.


The proportions of protein and carbohydrates that you require will vary depending on both the intensity and type of sport you are in,  so to get your individual balance right. Only a  qualified sports nutritionist will give you professional help with your sports nutrition.


Our motto at Bangalore Shoulder Institute  is to  help athletes from all levels to achieve optimal sports nutrition in order to meet their performance goals.

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