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A large population today are into sporting activity either recreational or semi-professional. The personal improvement can be achieved through adequate nutrition. In the athletic population an adapted nutritional approach is very important to achieve the sporting goal.


In athletes the nutritional practice is multi-factorial and it depends largely on food availability, habits and culture of the athlete. It is important to understand the physiology of the sport and the body, their co-existence during active sports. To improve the sports performance a sports nutritionist works with the athlete along with the environment he performs.


Only a qualified sports nutritionist will be able to address your nutritional strategies in terms of

  • Macro nutrient consumption
  • Hydration
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Timing of meal depending on exercise intensity.


A sports nutritionist will be able to recommend the changes necessary during training, feeding and rest phases of an athlete’s year calendar. A sports nutritionist will work on preserving the health of the athlete. Optimum nutrition will help the athlete to provide necessary energy to perform and also reduce injury rate, which put together will enhance the sports performance.


Sports nutrition is unfortunately often confused to be only sports supplements or “strange diets”. Only a qualified Sports dietitian would help you weigh the pros and cons of it.


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