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Patient with longstanding symptoms

Patient with longstanding symptoms

Patient with longstanding symptoms:

Be sure the diagnosis is correct:

List of some conditions that are common in sports was not what they appeared at first:

Obvious diagnosis                                                                        True diagnosis

  1. Migraine headache                                                                     upper cervical zygapophyseal joint hypomobility
  2. Rotator cuff tendinopathy                                                        GH instability in younger athlete and AC joint OA in older athlete
  3. Tennis elbow                                                                               Cervical disk abnormality
  4. Wrist tendinitis                                                                           cervical abnormality
  5. Persistent hamstring strain                                                      Abnormal neural tension
  6. Patellofemoral pain                                                                    Referred pain from  hip
  7. Osgood schlatter lesion                                                              osteoid osteoma tibial tuberosity
  8. Shin splints                                                                                   stress fracture
  9. Plantar fasciitis                                                                            medial plantar nerve entrapment
  10. Achilles tendinopathy                                                                 retrocalcaneal bursitis


How can Physiotherapist help you with a proper diagnosis?

Physiotherapist will provide a detailed assessment of your problem, review records of your past treatment, attempt to elicit the underlying cause of the problem. In most of these patients, biomechanical problems are often the culprit. Physiotherapists are the best people who can assess biomechanical issues and can give you a proper diagnosis.

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